Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Senior Center and Eldercare of Damascus Adult Medical Day Care?

Senior Centers are designed for individuals who can function independently as regards to transportation, finances, personal care, and medication management. Eldercare of Damascus is licensed by the State of Maryland to provide care to adults in need of supervision in one or more areas of functioning. There is a registered nurse on-site at all times to manage medication and staff are available to assist in personal care and to make sure the environment is a safe but stimulating one.
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How does someone enroll in Eldercare of Damascus?

You are strongly urged to make an appointment to talk with the Center’s social worker, Sara Drury, concerning admission. Although the Center is open to visitors at all times, making an appointment ensures there will be someone available to answer your questions and give you a tour.
The admission process requires the completion of an application that includes documentation by the applicant’s physician as well as relevant personal history. All documents must be completed prior to admission.
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Is the Center licensed?

Eldercare of Damascus is licensed as an adult medical day care facility by the State of Maryland, Office of Health Care Quality as well as by the State of Maryland, Office of Aging. The Center is licensed by the Veteran’s Administration to provide care to veterans. The Center is also licensed by the Montgomery County Health Department and Fire Department.
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Can I enroll my family member to attend on an “as needed” basis?

Eldercare of Damascus and all adult medical day care centers are designed to provide services on a scheduled basis. A minimum of two days a week enrollment is required so that the person attending can acquire a sense of familiarity with the Center and feel as if he or she is part of the group.
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How is transportation arranged?

At the time of admission, arrangements are made to define the time an attendee will be picked up in the morning and brought home in the evening. Every effort is made to accommodate family schedules to ensure convenience and safety. The van drivers are all experienced and trained to provide assistance and door to door escort is provided to all who attend.
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Are the vans wheel chair equipped?

No, the vans do not have a wheelchair lift. For those unable to get into the van, Metro Access is available for transportation. For those who can get on the van with assistance but use a wheelchair for independence, the wheelchair can be transported by the van to the Center for use upon arrival. The Center is completely wheelchair accessible.
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Can my family member attend if they need help walking, need help in the bathroom, or with medications?

The Center can provide assistance to all persons needing assistance with walking while using a walker or cane. The Center is completely adapted to manage any physical disability. Staff assist those in need of help in personal care and the need for assistance in the bathroom can be managed discretely. The Center’s registered nurse is on-site every day and manages any medication or testing that needs to be addressed.
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How are meals handled?

The Center provides a light breakfast, lunch, and snack everyday. The meals are catered from Overlea Caterers, Inc. and delivered daily. All meals are low fat and low sodium and offer a wide variety of entrees to provide a diverse menu over the course of the month. Special diets can be accommodated. Montgomery County Health Department regulations prohibit food being brought in by attendees.
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What is the cost?

The daily cost of attending Eldercare of Damascus is $84. This includes transportation, meals, and activities while at the Center. A deposit equal to the cost of two weeks of planned attendance is required at the time of admission and is applied to the final two weeks of attendance. All enrollees are asked to commit to a minimum of two weeks attendance.
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Does Medicare or insurance cover the cost?

Medicare and medical health insurance policies do not cover the cost of medical day care services. Most long-term care insurance plans cover the cost of adult medical day care. Veterans may be eligible for some paid days through application with the Veteran’s Administration The social worker can help applicants determine whether there are other funding options available.
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What are the days and hours of operation?

Eldercare of Damascus is open from 8 AM to 3:30 PM daily, Monday through Friday. The Center is not open on weekends and does not have the ability to care for people overnight. For those enrolled, the Center’s social worker can assist in obtaining additional respite services. The Center closes for major holidays (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) but is open on minor holidays celebrated by the federal government.
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What is a typical day like?

The vans start bringing people to the Center shortly after 8 AM. A light breakfast of toast, cereal, and/or muffins is served with juice, coffee, and tea. The day begins with reviewing the news (only the good news!) and a review of what happened on the day in history. The news is followed by a session of walking within the Center, a trivia or word game, and seated exercise. Lunch is served at noon and after a brief rest time, the afternoon can feature a musical activity, art activity, Wii bowling, travel videos, an outing to the Senior Center, a trip to the library, or a trip to go duckpin bowling. A snack is served at about 2:30 PM and vans begin to go home for the day around 3 PM.
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  • Open 8:00am - 3:30pm
  • Open five days a week, Monday to Friday
  • Van schedules customized to meet individual needs

  • Upper Montgomery County
  • Damascus, Germantown, Gaithersburg
  • Clarksburg, Boyds, Mt. Airy, Olny
    and its vicinity