.... were very attentive and respectful ....
.... especially loved coming home having ....
.... could not wait to show me what she has made ....
.... helpful, attentive, and responsive to concerns ....
.... those needing a positive environment ....

From Caregiver

After Mom had lived with us for a few years, it became apparent that the dementia affecting her was getting to the place where she needed 24/7 supervision so she and I visited Eldercare of Damascus and we both agreed that the warm, friendly setting would be a good solution to providing activities and socialization for her. Resident workers and drivers alike were very attentive and respectful. She attended two to three days a week and especially loved coming home having had her nails painted.

Mother left to be with the Lord last Thanksgiving. We miss her, but I am very grateful to Eldercare of Damascus for the fine care they extended to Mom and recommend their services for those in need of help or relief in caring for their special loved ones.

- Judith Butler, daughter of Maxine Draut

From Caregiver

My wife, Billie Jean, had Alzheimer’s for 18 years. She was an adult day care resident at Eldercare of Damascus during 1996 and 1997. The experience was very positive for her and for me, her husband and main caregiver. Her day started each week day with a friendly and helpful bus driver picking her up at our home and taking her to the adult day care facility in Damascus. During the day Billie Jean was introduced to the construction of projects that would fit her diminishing capabilities.

At the end of each day she received a bus ride home with the friendly and helpful bus driver. Billie Jean could not wait to show me what she had made when she brought home one of her completed projects. It was obvious she had received a lot of attention by the adult day care staff.

- Bill Bugg
   Monrovia, MD 21770

From Assisted Living Facility

Residents of the Assisted Living Facility that I operate attend Eldercare of Damascus. I have found the staff to be helpful, attentive, and responsive to concerns. The clients who attend enjoy the activities at the Center and have made friends while attending. I recommend Eldercare of Damascus to those needing a positive environment that provides good care to those who are aging or in need of special assistance.

- Neena Davamony, Manager
   Deborah Assisted Living Services, Gaithersburg

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